Prince Edward South Pastoral Charge
"Where you will find Spirit-filled worship; Christ centered hospitality and the love of God shared generously."
Three little Church gems in the County

South Bay Church

South Bay ChurchSouth Bay United Church was first dedicated in 1872 and stands at the head of South Bay on County Road #13, a shelter for vessels on stormy days and like a mirror on calm summer days. This church which is beautifully maintained and decorated has an active congregation comprised of multi-generational families of County people as well as those who have entered the community from other places in the past decade or more.

Both groups seamlessly carry out the ministry of this church and, apart from being a source of local Christian community, offer outreach in several forms to many places.

Inside South Bay Church Adjacent to the church stands the Mariner’s Museum which speaks to times past in the lives of the fishing and marine community who plied the sometimes treacherous waters of Lake Ontario. In addition, visitors to South Bay Church can view the Old Schoolhouse, a one-room school dating back to the 1800’s which sits on church property and inside displays memories of yesteryear.

2029 County Road 13, near junction with CR 10 or;
adjacent to the Mariner's Park Museum and South Bay pioneer cemetery.

Worship Times

Regular Worship: Sunday at 9:30 AM

Special Worship: Easter Sunday Morning: 6:00 AM at Little Bluff

In addition to the above there are special times of community building which follow worship services.

Upcoming Events